Kia Protection Plans

Kia Protection Plans

Kia Protection Plans: Protect Against the Unexpected

Even with Kia’s outstanding warranty, sometimes you could just use a little extra peace of mind knowing your Kia and your wallet will be safeguarded against unfortunate events like mechanical breakdown, dents and scratches, or even life events that may prevent you from paying your loan.

Appearance Protection

Can anyone ever truly avoid scratches, rock chips, dents, and all the other nasty things that can cause your car to start looking a little drab? With the Kia Appearance Protection plan, you can keep your Kia looking great and maintain its maximum resale value. Choose from two levels of coverage for your new, Certified Pre-Owned, or used Kia.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

You’re already protected under Kia’s comprehensive warranty, but when your original warranty or certified warranty expires, the Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan offers four different plans to suit your needs, reducing the inconvenience, stress, and financial impact of repairs.

Loan Protection

Kia’s Loan Protection plan protects your credit and lets you keep your vehicle in the event of a death, critical illness, loss of employment, or disability that prevents you from paying your loan. Coverage is available for people between the ages of 18-71, for up to $100,000, and all for competitive rates.

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program (VLPP)

Over 39% of traded vehicles have negative equity, leaving many of us with a loan worth more than the vehicle itself. It can take up to 6 years before a loan no longer carries a negative balance and in the event of a write off, your insurer may only pay you out at fair market value. With the VLPP in place, you won’t face a sudden debt if your car is written off. Instead, you’ll receive an in-store loyalty credit to redeem at your local Lethbridge Kia to make getting a replacement vehicle so much easier.